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Top 5 Cricket Umpires Of All Time

Top 5 Cricket Umpires Of All Time

Umpires have always been an integral part of a cricket match. A lot depends on their decision making. We present you with a list of top 10 cricket umpires of all time.

Umpires are a very important aspect of a cricket match. They can change the course of a match with the help of their decision making. Good Umpires make good decisions. Their job is quite demanding since it requires a great amount of concentration on the field. There is a loud noise in the stadiums and hence sometimes it becomes quite difficult to make a decision in such an atmosphere. Therefore, their decisions in pressure are in scrutiny.

Cricket Umpires are often criticized for making wrong decisions but the people should understand that it is impossible to be dead perfect in the middle of such a chaotic noise of the stadium. The nicks of the batsmen cannot be heard by the umpire and they make judgments based on their experience and instincts. The game of cricket has produced many popular umpires over time and they have remained an important part of the sport. They are rightly named among the best cricket umpires of all time.

Five Picks Among The Best Cricket Umpires In The World

  1. Harold Dennis Bird:

He is one of the best cricket umpires of all time. His service for the world of cricket cannot be ignored. Born on 19 April 1933, he is the most popular cricket umpire of all time. He would mostly give the right decisions on the cricket field. The neutrality of Dickie Bird was unquestionable.

  1. David Shepherd:

David Shepherd is the most known face in the world of cricket. He has appeared in an ample of cricket matches. He died on October 2009 and left the cricket world mourning after him. Even in his late years, he looked convincing with his decisions and accuracy.

  1. Steve Bucknor:

He was known to lift his finger with delay; this is the reason why he was called, the finger of death. He is a former international cricket umpire. Without any doubt, Steve Bucknor is one of the best cricket umpires of all time.

  1. Simon Taufel:

He is one of the few youngest international umpires that exist in world cricket. Simon Taufel is an Australian umpire who is known for his dead right decisions. He is an honorable umpire in the ICC Cricket umpire panel. Taufel has shocked the world before with his accuracy.

  1. Aleem Dar:

This Pakistani umpire has been voted as the best ICC cricket umpire for the third season on the trot. He has a sharp and balanced look. One of the best performing cricket umpires, Aleem Dar has also played domestic cricket in his time. He’s sure en route to becoming one of the best cricket umpires of all time.