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When is the Best Time to Visit Ireland for Golf

When is the Best Time to Visit Ireland for Golf

Golf tours are the ideal way to combine two fantastic experiences: traveling around Ireland and playing on professional courses. Ireland is a top golf destination, whether you want to watch pro-circuit players or play on one of the 400 iconic courses. We’ll also book your tee times when we schedule your tour.

Why not organize a golf trip with your friends? Play throughout the day and relax at night with classic pub music. Alternatively, take a stroll together into the world’s oldest clubhouse and take in the ambiance. Whether you’re planning a group trip or flying alone, one thing remains the same: you do the dreaming, and the agency will take care of the details so you can have the best ireland golf packages.

Keep the Travel Season in Mind

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The greatest season to visit Ireland for golf is from April through October. This corresponds to the golf travel season in the British Isles and should be used as a starting point for planning your trip. The weather in Ireland is also at its best at this time, and all of the hotels, restaurants and golf courses are fully booked. Although the majority of the courses are open all year, the approach of winter temperatures, limited daylight hours, and reduced operations of some restaurants and popular attractions make travel outside of these months unwise.

Use the Shoulders to Your Advantage

When compared to its Scottish equivalents, Ireland has traditionally provided golfers with a little more bang for their buck. Despite this, the cost of an Ireland golf holiday has been steadily rising for a decade or more due to increased demand. Consider visiting to Ireland during the shoulder months of April and October if you want to get the most out of your golf trip. Warmer layers are certainly a good idea during these months, but the savings will purchase lots of hot toddies along the way.

Examine the Calendar

It’s a good idea to check to see whether your vacation will conflict with other events taking place in Ireland before deciding on your dates. Graduation weekends, for example, may limit hotel availability in university towns like Cork. Similarly, in mid-July, the Orange Order marches and attendant protests frequently direct our travelers about Belfast. Taking in an off-course event, on the other hand, can add some distinct spice to your trip.

The golf travel season in Ireland coincides with the best weather of the year. However, it is still possible to play golf in all four seasons in a single round. When it comes to the weather, any seasoned golf traveler will tell you that you’ll need a little luck on your side.